Sense of Taste

My own use of my sense of taste and my teacher’s teaching on sense of taste are quite different, although there are some overlap.

For example, when I use my sense of taste, I sometimes can taste the temperament of the person making the food, the process or time duration of making the food, or the heat level used in making the food. I think my sensory organ and perception are more oriented toward the ambient or atmospheric information within the molecular structure of the food.

In contrast, my teacher’s teaching is more oriented toward the emotional energies in the sensory organ and perception. For example, people who like to eat spicy food most likely have some things that they don’t know how to do and cannot do, yet they linger within you, as in, you are unable to accept them as is but at the same time you are unable to do anything to change them. So they stay in you as an agitation which must be converted through food.

So my teacher’s teaching on the twelve senses is more gravitated toward the underlying meanings and mechanics of our sensory organs and perception, which then implies the appropriate healing required on our senses to address our experiences and situations.

The course that Jutta and I are offering is also oriented toward the meanings of our senses, although primarily in a team environment. If you are interested in learning more about your twelve senses, I invite you to check out our course description, or feel free to contact us!

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