How To Fall Asleep

Yesterday I wrote about how to use visualization to acquire essences that we need from the universe, last night I visualized a couple of pigs that I saw at the historic fort who napped happily in the mud because I was insomnia due to the storm and wind outside, and I had my balcony door opened because I cannot stand indoor air that is not circulating. The outdoor air was definitely fresh and even a little bit sweet, surprisingly, but it was too noisy last night throughout the entire night and my curtain was fluttering too much and I worried that it might tip over one of my potted plants who was very light and seemingly malnourished.

At first I tried to listen to an audiobook to distract myself from the outdoor noise, but that was not enough to make me fall asleep so I stopped the audiobook and thought of the two pigs I saw sleeping soundly in their pen despite their human visitors watching them. In truth I was quite surprised by them, because from them I sensed a carefree energy, that they could drop all the worries in their world, forget about the mud sticking onto their skin, forget about the filth that they’re sleeping in, forget about the odor of their own excrement that they are marinating in, forget about the humans who are trying to get their attention, etc. In short, they don’t have to care about a thing!

I think if you need to heal an excessive worry pattern, you can connect to the pigs. But I was connecting to them because of insomnia.

From them I also felt, everything is taken care of. When they wake up, they will have food. If they have nothing to do, or don’t want to do anything, they can just drop onto the ground and sleep, anywhere, anytime.

So I brought in those two group of energies: carefree; and the assurance that everything is okay, that we are well taken care of. Immediately my body loosened up. I was worried that the strong rain might wet the weather strip that I recently added to the bottom of my balcony door. Then I was worried about what I was going to do this coming winter, because I need to bring in fresh outdoor air to aerate the smoke from my moxibustion everyday. Well, all kinds of unconscious worries suddenly came to the fore and then dropped.

Also in connecting to the pigs, I picked up an ease in relaxation. You know how people need to do this and that to get their body to relax? If you look at the pigs, they don’t need anything complicated to relax. It’s like tension do not exist in their bodies. They don’t hold on to tension. Every one of their movements has an ease to it. They don’t have memory of tension, they have memory of ease. So I tried to acquire that too.

To be honest, I didn’t think connecting to a couple of sleeping pigs would help me fall asleep, but I actually did fall asleep, which is why I am writing about it now!

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