Flushing Our Sensory Pathways

Last week I took Car Car to a Midas shop for an oil change. I mentioned to the shop manager that Car Car’s engine oil gets dirty very quickly, without accumulating a lot of mileage. In response, he suggested that I could flush the engine, and service the fuel system.

The next day, when I drove Car Car out of town to see sheep, I noticed that it felt smooth when I stepped on the gas, like velvety smooth. So I assumed either the engine flush or the fuel system service or both did the trick.

Now applying this analogy to the healing of our twelve senses, where we pick up external signals through our sensory pathways, then they deliver to our thalamus for registration, then to the cerebral cortex for cognition, etc., these pathways also need flushing and resetting in order for us to re-orientate ourselves with our external world.

Actually, the sensory pathway is a loop, so the above is not a complete picture of the entire energetic circuitry of our twelve senses, but only a simplistic representation for pointing out the benefits of flushing and healing.

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Flushing my sense of taste ...

I used to like flavoring my food with a lot of spices, herbs seasonings, and I especially preferred to taste the saltiness of my food.

Then for a period of time I worked on my ability to absorb nourishments. After that I noticed that my taste preference had changed. More specifically, the inclinations of my taste buds had shifted.

I became satisfied with light tasting food, and slightly sweet food. My taste perception got a bit more sensitive, which also meant that my tolerance for junk food dropped.

The process from saltiness to sweetness, from more to less, is not a cerebral or deliberate one. My food preference is not dictated by my brain, but my body. What that means is, the body will go about selecting the type of food, the amount of food, the type of cooking, etc., so that it gets the taste and food that it wants.  And usually, what goes into my mouth is surprisingly delightful and satiating, just what I need in that moment.

You would probably wonder, what does this have to do with flushing the sensory pathways?

You would need to cleanse the pathways in order to taste the delicate flavors of your nourishments, especially foods that aren’t strongly flavored and require a clean palate.

If you find that you need to eat foods that need a lot of additional work, like marinating, frying, smoking, fermenting, or foods that require a complicated process, or foods that require a lot of seasonings and spices, and cannot be satisfied with a simple meal, then maybe what is really needed is a cleansed taste pathway.

So my process of re-training my body to absorb nourishments (not just in the form of food, but includes smell, temperature, etc.) is actually a process that cleanses the clogged up pathways that numb the sensory sensitivity to subtler tastes.  Hence flushing.

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