Healing My Sense of Smell

My upcoming class on sense of smell will be held in Taiwan this Saturday. All course materials are copyrighted, so I try not to duplicate them in my articles. Everything I write about has been, at a minimum, translated and transcribed and summarized and reinterpreted and re-organized and reapplied in my own way. Today, I decide to write about my sense of smell before the subject is taught, so that I don’t have to worry about my own ideas and understandings being overlapped by the teacher Jian Xiang Ting’s.

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There is a strange experience that I have been noticing for the past few weeks regarding my visit to my neighbor’s condo suite. As soon as I open his door, I smell his smell, and I don’t like it, so I move as quickly as I can to get his dog out of the balcony so that I can step out of his space into the smell of liberation.

I don’t know how many people have this problem with the smell of stale air in other people’s space. I notice my own rejection of that smell, and it has been a problem of mine for many years. It doesn’t happen only in other people’s personal space, but in the workplace and some times in enclosed public spaces as well.

I tuned in to that olfactory experience of mine, to observe the underlying energies. Smell of rejection. It’s an energy of rejection, the atoms and molecules of rejection.

I first smell the energy of rejection, then I reject the person, then I reject my interaction with that person.

In my touch pathways, in my sense of touch, the memory of rejection permeates my sense of smell, as well as other senses. If you recall, in a previous post of mine, I mentioned that a few other sense stimuli are delivered to us through our touch pathways, hence I observed that the rejection energy was being multiplied in my touch pathways, as I come into contact with it through my interaction with external people or places, and though I later become aware of that energy in me, I only clear it in my overall being, not specifically within my touch pathways or in my senses, so the memory of that energy still lingers in my senses and touch pathways such that I am still feeling it. To put it in another way, our sense pathways are a network that envelopes us much like a cocoon. So to have this rejection energy in my sense pathways is like to have this energy cocooning me. If I don’t go straight into the spots where this energy reside, I cannot clear it thoroughly, which means I cannot bring in new and positive energies, so I end up attracting and projecting the same old energies and feeling stuck in my life situations.

There are of course many other negative energies that are also held as imprint in our sense pathways that we become so used to that we never directly inspect nor release them. Smell of control is another one that I have a lot of. I have cleared many other types of control after I posted a couple of articles on control. But I didn’t clear the imprint of them specifically from my sense pathways. In other words, I am still feeling it, in me, in my existence.

One of the purposes of learning about the twelve senses, at the energetic level, not at the physical level that Rudolf Steiner had developed, is to be able to trace the origin of our life experiences, and therefore to heal and transform them.

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