Development of Our Twelve Senses

As mentioned in my previous post , our sense of touch is the starting point for the development of our other senses. It is also the starting point for the definition of our boundaries –what we accept or reject in terms of beliefs, feelings, tolerances, and any other type of personal preferences.

This can develop into imbalances, as we become more and more repellent of certain situations, people, beliefs, etc.

Our Sense of Touch Receives Information That Affects Other Senses

I remember the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle was once asked how to deal with an illness. His answer was to be present .

Because being present means to be balanced.  In other words, it means entering a different dimension. The Indian mystic Sadhguru calls that dimension the akash or space.

The way Eckhart tunes us to that dimension is to get us to be still, to listen to the silence between our words.

My Taiwanese teacher Jian Xiang Ting tunes us by reminding us that we are forever existing in that dimension. So our every breath, every movement, every heartbeat is happening in the universe, more specifically, in the nourishments–love, trust, peace, joy, acceptance, abundance, power, etc.–of the universe.

We exist in and are nourished by these universal nourishments. Whatever we do, we do so with joy and zest, we stand firmly in our power, and are accepted, loved, valued, understood, heard, etc.  

Once we have practiced enough of being still and tuning in to that dimension, our imbalances will gradually correct themselves.  Since almost all illnesses are caused by imbalanced energies, the way to heal is to step into a state of balance.


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