A while ago, I went for a blood test. Then I checked the result online, around the same day. Weeks later, my family doctor’s receptionist started to call me to go see him. I ignored the voice mail. Then another call perhaps a week or so later. Again I ignored it. Then another week or so later, the receptionist called again. I told myself, if they called three times, then I would go. So I did.

Arriving at the clinic’s reception, I waited for a while since it seemed to be a family day event with too many parents and kids flooding the waiting area. Then when I was brought into the room to wait for my doctor, I started to panic. What if there’s bad news from the test result that I didn’t know about?

My mind went into auto-pilot mode to imagine all types of bad news. Then the atoms and molecules of fear kept shooting out. Then more fearful imaginations. Then more atoms and molecules secreting, vibrating, circulating all over my body. Then worry. Then strategizing, wondering what I can do to mitigate the misfortunes, who I can go to, etc.

All my energy and power were sucked into this fear, dragged down by it, incapacitating me mentally and biologically.

I knew that these atoms and molecules were going to project outward into my physical reality to manifest some kind of situations for me to deal with, if I didn’t heal and balance them. So I consciously observed them, their effects and intensities, their pathways of imbuing every layer of my tissues and oozing out into my physical world, their accumulation in my sensory pathways clogging up my sensory perception (cannot feel anything else except morbid fear), etc.

The fear atoms and molecules have a characteristics of bursting out explosively, never gentle nor graceful. In fact, all imbalanced energies have this characteristics. They shoot out of you with such ferocity that their chemical counterparts hijack you, hence you lose control of yourself while they take over and manufacture all kinds of thoughts, behaviors, events, etc., for you to experience. You think that your thoughts and emotions are you, but no, they are separate from the real you who is actually experiencing them.

But as I consciously observed their announcement of themselves and their operations inside me, I moved them from unconscious to conscious, and this was the necessary move to graduate and terminate their existence and effects on me, in all lifetimes–past, present, future.

. . .

Sitting in the room, I heard footsteps and voices outside, and fear shot up again. This was a slightly different energy mechanics at work. As my sensory perception came into contact with the atoms and molecules that embody the bad news–the energy of bad news–then my default sensory response of fear immediately kicked in.

Let’s go over again in slower motion: my perception pathway had the atoms and molecules of fear, therefore it would attract and pull in the same atoms and molecules of fear which were also in those individuals‘ footsteps and voices, and therefore my return feedback loop of sensory response was also activated by the same atoms and molecules of fear. That was the circuitry of fear activating, for me to experience, only because I was identified with fear, which means the real me was glued to the fear, such that when the fear was operating, I could not stand in my power (which is universal energy infusing the conscious mind) to access and bring in any balanced energy to balance out the fear in me.

But this was a familiar pattern for me, so I later became conscious and therefore disengaged myself from the molecular activities that were propelling the biochemical, mental, neurological, etc., activities in me. I remained observant, standing from a place of power, observing the fear shooting out of me. Boom boom bomb boom boom …

At the beginning the range of the molecular activities was quite wide, but as I held my gaze at them, they shrank in their intensity and scope. Then I started to dive in deeper, trying to get to their root, with the hope of uprooting them once and for all, but this is really an unrealistic goal, because they came from my childhood, my embryonic development during the gestation period, my ancestry, my soul memory, etc.

I sensed that the energy was no longer shooting out. So I just poured universal light into myself, to cleanse and balance my overall energy. The whole inner observation process took a few minutes.

Then the doctor came. I didn’t have the panic anymore. He sat down and asked me how I was doing. I said good. He typed on his computer, then asked again. Again I said I was fine. Then he asked again, in a different way: „So everything okay?“

At point I understood what he was asking–the purpose of my visit!

„You called me here,“ I answered.

Then he checked his computer. He didn’t have much to say. Everything was good. Just had to monitor me. Nothing urgent. Nothing serious.

Basically, he called me in, three times, for nothing.

. . .

I was surprised by the outcome of the visit. Later I reviewed the entire visit and understood that it was my worry that something would go wrong energy that was initially pulling him and his receptionist into my experience. Then as I was sitting in the room waiting for him, I was psychologically waiting for bad news, my sensory organs and sensory perception were all tuned in to the energy of bad news, and therefore the energy (embodied by the atoms and molecules) were swirling inside my body, circulating through their default pathways repeatedly, at the speed of light, until my conscious mind became aware of them.

But after consciously observe them, they no longer effect the unconscious which manufactures our physical reality, so my eventual interaction with my doctor resulted in nothing. That’s the result of conscious release.

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