Healing Different Layers of Consciousness

One day, I asked my Taiwanese teacher Jian Xiang Ting about using universal energy to bring me to a state of balance, and one of the things that she said that I thought was outside of my question was actually something that I needed to know in order to do my energy healing, and that is, different colors have different healing effects. This is a concept that she taught in art therapy, how ever I did not expect to apply the same concept into my energy healing. Now, I want to make another transfer of knowledge, from one level to another: different detox foods have different detox effects, hence by the same logic, different energies also have different healing effects.

Today, I used moxa to bring in some yang energy into my body. In the process, I used fresh water to cleanse the water memory inside my body, so that the water molecules don’t cling on to the toxins and be more ready to release them. Occasionally, when I felt that the cleansing effect was not very strong, I switched to using solar energy–by calling Sun Sun to put its energy into my body. The solar energy immediately brought me to tears, releasing a lot of stubborn old emotions that I had been unconsciously clinging on to. And since the emotional outburst was too intense, I used universal energy to soothe me, to bring me quicker to a state of emotional calm and balance.

After I finished moxibustion, my body felt energized by the yang energy from the moxa, and so I did a bit of physical movements in order to help move the energies in my body which effectively helped to integrate the moxa energy a bit faster so that it could energize my biochemical activities more. During the movements, I brought in fresh water into my body–this is not the same as drinking water, this is bringing in the memory of fresh water which is different from the water memory inside my body. The fresh water helps to dislodge sticky energies that are stagnated inside my body causing poor circulation.

As I perceive the activities at the different levels during the process, I learned that fresh water memory is effectively cleansing my body’s water memory, whereas the moxa energy, which is said to help release toxins from the body, operates on a different level. More specifically, the former operates at the elemental level or dimension, while the latter operates predominantly at the energetic dimension. In this observation, I realized that there is a hierarchy. What that means is that, (1) downstream effect is more effective and effortless than upstream; and (2) for more stubborn situations, it is more effective to address the problem at the level of stuckness, which means to confront it head-on, instead of coming at it from a different level.

Later when I finished a series of physical movements, I noticed that my sushumna nadi was clearing up, that the stagnated energies that were previously buried there started to mobilize a little bit, that there was a feeling of aeration happening at the bottom of my sushumna. When I put my conscious attention at the location of traffic clearing, I could feel the unconscious emotions becoming conscious, and the consciousness of that region awakening, which then means more presence can be anchored in.

I also learned the difference between using solar energy and invoking the sun. Whenever I ask Sun Sun for a dose of its energy, I am not physically under the sun, nor is it always during the day. In that sense, the solar energy I typically acquire is mostly effective at the mental level, which has a very different effect than if I were to put my body out in the sun. More specifically, what I am acquiring is energy and consciousness at the mental level, to power my conscious mind, to be more consciously aware. This is obviously different from the yang energy coming from the moxa, which does not improve my conscious awareness, but rather, pushes or nudges the consciousness of the cells to do what they are designed to do, and after the cellular intelligence is awakened, the moxa gives it oomph to perform its biochemical function.

All in all, there are different layers of consciousness and different objects to address problems residing in different layers. Say, if exercising takes too long to lose weight, maybe addressing another dimension causing the fat retention may be more effective.

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