Seeking Cosmic Nourishment

The first time I encountered Seth Materials was back in 2014, or earlier.  At the time, I also encountered the Taiwanese healer Jian Xiang Ting’s YouTube lectures.  Over the years, I have gone back and forth with several of Seth’s books.  These are the only books that I would read and reread multiple times.  These are the spiritual and psychological nutrients that I have been craving for.

Now that I am nearing completion of Jian Xiang Ting’s online course, my first course with this healer, I am coming to a position of reviewing my life—where I was, where I have been, where I am going to, etc.  I am not sure if I would want to follow her course again in the future, despite the fact that she has made this series of courses last for at least 1.5 to two years, I am not sure if I would want to commit to the entire series.  But today, after listening to another Taiwanese instructor Hsu Tien Sheng whose teachings is also based on Seth Materials, I realize an important though minor piece of information—Seth Materials itself originates in the US, but the development of its content is first and foremost in Taiwan.

Many years ago, a psychic told me that she saw me being in Taiwan or somehow having connection with this country.  At the time, I did consider perhaps going to Taiwan for a short term stay to take courses with the healer Jian Xiang Ting, as she had not developed her business to provide courses to overseas students online.  Now that I can take her courses in the comfort of my own home, I feel it is probably meant to be.  Seth Materials is not very well developed and much less well applied in the Western world.  Application in the sense of incorporating the wisdom into every cell of our being, such that our cellular consciousness and our intuition operate from a place of cosmic wisdom, that we fully embody the universal wisdom in our totality, and that wisdom flows into our every breath, our every heartbeat, our every speech, our every behavior, etc.

I didn’t know why I would be bilingual, or why my deceased mother would choose to send me to a Chinese school to set the foundation for me, but now I feel fortunate to have the linguistic ability to access Seth Materials both in English and in Chinese, for the sake of my soul’s mission of going deeper and broader and subtler.  I straddle between both worlds, the East and the West, not really belonging to either, but possessing the best (I hope) qualities of both.  I see myself being a citizen of the planet, instead of a member of either the East or the West.  And I source my materials from both sides of the planet. 

After having done some healing from the Taiwanese healer Jian Xiang Ting, I went back to listen to the podcast of Eckhart Tolle, and found myself having a deeper understanding of his concepts.  In fact, I find that his teachings are much easier to comprehend and resonate with me almost instantly.  Perhaps this is a result of a raised vibration, and the raising part is done through following the Taiwanese healer.

Then one day, I mindlessly came into contact with Daodejing, a book that I had first read more than two decades ago.  At that time, Daodejing was an intuitive read, though I didn’t grasp the meanings concretely, rather, I only hazily felt it as common sense.  Now, coming back to it again, though not to every single chapter nor every single word, but only to selected topics and chapters that interest me, I again feel that it is a book on common sense.  To put it another way, it is a book that summarizes the wisdom of the universe, and we are creatures of this universe, hence within us we also harbor the same set of wisdom as the book.  So the purpose of that book is not to teach us what we don’t already know, but rather, to remind us of what we already know.  To me, this is the major distinction between this book and many of the other spiritual books and teachings.  And if I were to surmise, the Dao that is being referred to in Daodejing is the common sense or the cosmic wisdom within us.

This Dao is different from the teachings of most of the other spiritual leaders or religions in the sense that the book that brings it forward to physical life is the closest physical manifestation of the invisible and intangible intelligence of the cosmos.  Other religions and spiritual teachers are slightly more removed from the source of All That Is, because the consciousnesses that pour forth through these vehicles—religious institutions, systems of learning, spiritual teachings, etc.—are first birthed through a human mind, and that mind has itself a very specific and unavoidable psychological angle

Laozi, the author of Daodejing, also has his own angle of presenting his concepts.  When I read his writings, I don’t always agree with it.  But I would scan and flip my own angle, with much less mental acrobatics than the other vehicles, and then re-enter his text to dive into the underlying meanings.  The underlying content behind the superficial words are effectively the wisdom of the universe, but when we read, we are relying on the words to bridge our conscious mind to the unconscious portion of the universe, and in this process, misunderstandings can occur if our own starting point differs vastly from the starting point of the author.  Hence Laozi kept saying he’s trying to explain something that cannot be explained in words.  When I read his words, I also find them rather clumsy at times, but I thought perhaps they weren’t so clumsy in his day and age.  There is a metamorphosis of words that further skew their intended meanings when we read ancient texts.

It is an inherently futile attempt to learn the wisdom of the cosmos through the words of another human being.  It is much more effective and efficient to access that intelligence telepathically or experientially.

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