In the last couple of days, I had a chance to practice group connection.  For years, I have been trying to heal issues and difficulties with human connection.  Then in the last couple of months when I was doing the online healing course, I thought it would help me with this topic, but it didn’t seem like it’s going toward this direction. 

So I tried to put my intention into one of the classes a couple weeks ago, but it still didn’t touch on human relationship specifically.  Then I tried to post the intention again, into the universe in general.  Then for about two days, I turned my attention to the group chat where some other students were in, and actively participated in it.

The funny thing was, some of the group members exclaimed that when they opened the group chat, they saw 400, 500, or 600 messages waiting for them to read.  One commented that it felt like an explosion.  Even the teacher said something similar, “Did someone have a question?  It’s a bit difficult for me to find the question, can you post it again?”  I had to laugh, because I think I was the one who placed the bomb in the group.  Prior to that, the group was fairly quiet and exchanges were sometimes cursory and polite, but after putting my intention into the universe, the group became more authentic and emotionally intense.

Last night, I retracted my attention from the group and turned off my cell phone.  I decided to return to myself after Patricia and her dog Odie left my condo.  This morning, after turning back on my phone, I saw less than 60 messages waiting for me.  I didn’t read them right away.  I did my own stuffs first.

Between last night and this morning, I had another thought:  ‘Okay, I have accomplished the group connection, now what?  Move on to something else?  No, go deeper in the group connection.’

Still stay on the theme of group connection, but go deeper.  Go into the nuances, the subtleties.  Engage more of my sensory perception.  Feel more deeply and fully.  Be more submerged in the conversations.

I think that was my higher mind dripping in instruction or suggestion to my lower mind, and the latter agreed.  Then this morning, when I finally got around to reading the group messages, I was less inclined to respond to them.  In fact, I posted zero response.  However, the teacher posted a couple of messages to everyone in general, sort of as a reminder or summary of what we needed to focus on.

Then I posted a message, following the teacher’s line of thinking and guidance.  I wasn’t sure if it was exactly in alignment with her idea, because she’s coming from a much higher level, so it will require quite an effort to reach her level, otherwise it’s hard to understand her meaning if I stay at my level.  So in my message to the group in general, I included the comment:  “I am not sure if this is right or not …”

The teacher posted a star sticker, like saying “Great!” not specifically to me because I didn’t post it specifically to her.  But then she posted another message to fine-tune mine.  After I digested her message, I asked a question, for clarification, and she gave a shorter reply.

There’s a distillation process in that brief exchange between me and her, in that her message started as a general direction or guidance, and when I supplied the group with my personal example of how I was applying her suggestion in a real-life situation, she fine-tuned my focus (something that was not said in her general message, because there was no context to allow for depth and exploration of nuances) to look through my blind spot.  That’s the depth that I was guided toward last night.  It amazed and fascinated me!

The teacher only posts on the group chat if someone asks her a question. And after she answers, the student usually doesn’t say anything.

After my exchange with the teacher, the group turned much quieter, with only a couple of brief courtesy messages here and there, because the energy the teacher and I infused into the group was different from the previous energy that the rest of the group and I infused.  I think this is a good shift for everyone, as it is in alignment with the direction that the teacher is hoping to guide us toward.

Previously and usually, when the teacher gives instructions or guidance, the students mostly absorb and respond with their silence.  In her typical instruction process, there is almost no back and forth discussion with the students.  It’s not a Socratic method.  It’s unidirectional. But I also understand that it cannot be, because you cannot ask a question from a higher vibrational level to someone who has not reached that level yet.  And if that person has already reached that level, you don’t even need to ask, because the purpose of your question is to lead that person to that level.

What I aim to reach for the next steps is to bring every part of my being into that level, to stay more deeply and firmly in that level, to explore that level more, and to operate more from that level.  I would need to re-adjust my neurological and psychological position, my energetic pathways and behaviors, etc., to completely shift into that higher octave.

In this upshift, what I sense most is the support of the universe, coming in whatever form that I am open to, to fulfill my wish of establishing and experiencing a connection with a group of humans. Actually the key word is not fulfillment, it’s me being open to allow my wish to actualize.

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