Effects of Healing

In the past, when I traveled, I tended to get inspirations when I was looking at new things and being in new places.  But this time, being in another city, walking around by myself, exploring the places, I didn’t feel any inspirations coming in at all. 

But what I did feel more this time around was emotions.  More deeply touched by different emotions that arose.  A soul reader said that my crown chakra was previously more open than it is now.  He was not only surprised but wanted to get me back to my previous status.  However, I don’t mind that my crown chakra is a little bit closed compared to before, because even at this current level, I am still able to connect to higher dimensions if I want, though the reception and accuracy are definitely not as sharp as before.

In fact, I actually prefer my chakras this way, because I want to balance and align all my chakras.  I don’t want my higher chakras to be very open but lower chakras to be closed.  To me, that’s imbalance, and thus not desirable.  If I want the upper chakras to be open, then the one condition I need is that the lower ones to be equally open.

In the past few weeks, I feel that my base chakra has been slowly healing, as a lot of topics relating to fear and survival are coming up to the surface for my acknowledgement.  One of the topics is money.  In the past, I didn’t like to discuss finance matters.  But lately, I have written about money on this website a couple of times, so it is a new development for me.  Another topic that I was never aware of was doing.  It took me a very long time to become gradually aware of all the vibrations I had related to compulsive doing, or more specifically, the compulsive need to perform out of fear and lack.  The physical action of doing is a manifestation of my fear and lack, and hence no matter how well I perform, what I eventually receive as an outcome is just more fear and lack; and then I wonder what I have done wrong, why it doesn’t work, what else do I need to do, how to fix this, etc.  More doing!  It’s a negative energy loop.

But these base chakra topics are very difficult for me to go through alone.  So it’s nice that the Taiwanese spiritual teacher Jian Xiang Ting is guiding me through her current online course.  One of the ideas that she mentioned that I found most critical in my understanding and therefore healing is that, if the base chakra has certain issues or certain imbalances, and if the imbalances are excessive, they will affect the next chakra up. 

For example, if there is an excessive fear with money or survival or with compulsive doing in order to derive a sense of self-worth, then the fear will affect the second chakra in form of excessive desire to be rich or to be recognized or to be a high performer or something along those lines.  So then the second chakra is also out of balance.  And if this is excessive, its effect will be seen in the next chakra up too.  You get the gist.  So basically, the idea is, a base chakra issue can travel all the way up to the top chakra.  Healing the six chakras alone would not completely remove the root cause.  It’s better to go straight to the root, located at the base chakra, and heal it there.  Then the imbalances in the other chakras will start to heal too.

This is a new logic for me, so having this new knowledge helps to improve the efficiency of my healing.

Previously, I had a habit of relying on flower essences.  Now that I don’t, I find that my shift in focus and method of healing has rendered me a new vantage point to understand flower essences more. 

Flower essence’s entry into our body is through the consciousness level.  The teacher’s entry point is also through the consciousness level, which isn’t my dominant level.  So I’m coming in from my own level, which is the energy level.  From my level, I can see that the teacher’s method is complimentary to flower essences.  Typically, when you use flower essences, you need to read up on them to understand how they can help you, and then you wait and see how those units of consciousness (CUs) permeate your entire being to eventually affect your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, etc.  With the teacher’s course, her lectures can activate the CUs that I had previously acquired from using flower essences.  So the more I listen to her lectures, the more those positive CUs multiply in my body.  Then when I travel, new sensory stimuli also activate those positive CUs more to generate more positive energy loops.

But there is one important factor in determining the quality of one’s travel experience.  If you travel because you want to have fun, in other words, you’re making the decision from a place of enthusiasm and excitement, then you are more likely to experience more of those feelings in return, because of your energy loops, whatever energies you project out will eventually loop back into you.  However, if you travel because you want to escape work or a husband or something, then you are making the decision from a place of fear and misery, so even if you are in an exotic resort, you will still experience shadows of those feelings.  So it is not enough to just have the positive CUs to improve the quality of one’s travel experience.  A few other things need to also be in place in order to make traveling a nourishing and rewarding experience.

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