From Meditation to Real Life Experiences

I am piqued by my encounters with the two new individuals I had recently met.  The most notable difference was the vibrations.  I felt a fork in my path, and I was unsure of which to take, but I felt that the ones with the two individuals seemed to have a much swifter and smoother flow of energy.  Below are a few points noting the higher vibrations:

  1. Having LJ to come over and teach me ping pong in a way that is clearer, more understandable and professional than John 1.0’s training.  It doesn’t look like abundance, but it’s what I need, presented to me in the most convenient way. 
  2. Having C to sell me a racquet and have it delivered to me in an hour in a Porsche with the rubbers glued and the side taped, that’s surprising quality!
  3. Having C to find two different training programs for me, the first one that he initially suggested was something that I said might not work for me, as it required a consecutive eight-week attendance in which I would have to be here in all of those weeks, the second one he later researched and recommended was a lot better for my unpredictable schedule.  This experience tells me that I don’t have to take what is offered.  I have a choice.  I can ask for something that would suit my circumstances, and a better offer would be presented to me.
  4. Having C to phone me twice, to feed information to me about how to get to the training center, to enter through the back door, to knock on the door if someone accidentally closes it, to park at the Senior’s Center right beside the training center, to ask for S or L when I get in as he has already mentioned me to them so I just have to tell them that C referred me there and they would know who I am, etc.  All those little details feel as if someone is actually ushering me into the building, red carpet style! 
  5. Having LJ to offer to take me to the training center, whenever I decide to go, just in case I cannot find the back door myself, when he has no need to go to the training.  It is very sweet!  Very, very sweet! 

I feel that LJ and C are a bit like the company and support of Archangels Michael and Gabriel many years ago, when I was in need of help.  They have since retreated from my life, not being right next to me at all times, but are still available if I need them.  My recent encounters with LJ and C really have that flavor, the sense that someone is with me every step of the way, to take me to wherever I choose to go, giving me more than what I need.  It wasn’t just support, it was luxuriant and abundant support

This is a different flavor of support, in the sense that I retain 100% control of my life, that I make the decision as to what I want, when I want, and as soon as I have made my decision, I just have to make it known and someone will be there to assist me, cushioning me comfortably and assuredly through, making sure that I am well taken care of.  This is a stark contrast to my previous experiences where I had to be independent as I had no one to turn to, and even if I got instructions, things tended to go wrong so the instructions were not helpful, leaving me helpless and therefore had to figure things out myself.  That’s a feeling of helplessness and lack of support.

So with this new experience of generous and loving support, I started to wonder what caused such a dramatic shift.  I suspect it was the result of doing the meditation guided by the spiritual teacher.  Feeling the support coming into my body, though I was pulling a little bit too hard, and there was a bit of force injected into the meditation.  I was pulling the abundance and support of planet Earth into my body cells, then getting my nervous system to perceive the receipt of support, and feeling myself fully trusting in and leaning into the support.  It felt very relaxing, as if I was being thickly cushioned as I dropped away my tension and allowed the world to come in to take away my burden.  Then this sensation is manifesting itself in LJ and C’s support!

I did the acquisition of consciousnesses at the same time as I did releases, though the teacher made them separate.  And I didn’t do the entire meditation from beginning to end, rather, from middle to end, and then more (of my own version, as an augmentation of the teacher’s version).

Very briefly, the exact imagery used in the meditation was to connect (I prefer to merge than to connect) the consciousnesses of me and a big tall tree that has its roots reaching firmly into the earth to absorb the rich and luxuriant nutrients, then transporting the nutrients through the trunk up to the leaves, producing very vibrant and luscious leaves, and later the tree grows flowers, very beautiful and fragrant, and later the tree bears fruits, so juicy and sweet! 

The way I understand it, the key is not a connection to the images, but to the underlying vibrations—full of life, vibrant and flourishing, abundant and luxuriant, strong and tall, etc.  The support part is the connection between the Earth and the tree, the former freely giving while the latter freely receiving the richest nutrients it needs to grow and thrive. 

The way it shifts my life is both surprising and fascinating.  I will do more of this meditation just to see what other surprises it has to offer!

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