Synthesizing Nutrients

“The kids came here and damaged everything,” John complained while pointing to the walls, the floor, and the pool table.  There was a scratch to the table that I did not notice before.  “And they smoked weed and cigarettes here.”  He pointed to the cigarette butt that I saw lying on the floor a few days ago.

He was clearly in a foul mood this morning as he noticed the damage in our condo games room.  As I observed his reaction to the teenagers, I scanned within myself to see what would have contributed to his complaint in that moment.

The day before, I noticed a few things in the games room, and I was super pissed at the teenagers who hung around on our condo premise.  My reaction was, ‘Okay, I have to do something!’  So I projected a thought out:  “Only those who contribute value >= 0 can use this games room.”

I was very specific in defining the physical location of my projection.  I didn’t care about the other side of the gym where the weight lifting equipment was, because I didn’t use it, so it’s not my problem, even though I still contributed to it through a monthly payment of condo fees.  But my projection was only localized to whatever I had an emotional interaction with.

I don’t know if John’s reaction today had anything to do with my projection yesterday.  Perhaps he was picking up on my anger.  Now that I look at it, I realize that I did not do my projection cleanly.  I know that my projection is loud, even though I only send one thought out.  I need to recall the projection back into my field, sanitize it, and put it back out again.

I generally refrain from interfering energetically in mass events, and thus do not have the finesse to do it nicely.  And to be frank, I am not entirely sure how it works, even though I do it once in a while, intuitively and sometimes absentmindedly, going as far back as a decade ago when I knew nothing about the universe.  But as I do my current course on how our physical life is crafted by our energy loop which we build unconsciously from our natal chart and DNA, there are certain course materials that may lend a clue as to how to consciously participate in mass events energetically.  At this point, this is mostly a hypothesis for me.

My hypothesis is that in order to consciously intervene in mass reality, I first must dive into the alpha brain waves, and operate in that range.  Because that is the range where the inner self resides, as well as the level or dimension of universal consciousness.

Sadhguru, the Indian mystic, said, “… if you bring your breath down to nine per minute, you know the language of the bird, animals, trees and every other living thing on the planet.  If your breath goes down to six, you know the language of the inanimate.  If your breath goes down to three, then you know the language of the entire universe.”

My resting respiration rate is 2.5.  Sometimes three.  Both my teacher and Sadhguru are saying that relaxing into a slower rhythm helps us to connect to the rhythm of the universe. From there, I can do more than just heal myself, I can also exert my influence on the external world.

I cannot meditate or sink into alpha waves easily, because of my monkey mind. But maybe my body is more tuned in to the language of the universe. So I suspect that at some level, I am connected to and submerged in the pulse of the universe, and am able to exert my will to effect collective events instinctively and intuitively.  However, my intuition is not to do so much in that field, because if I am not careful or clean in my exertion, the less than perfect effect will show, like an eyesore.  That’s why this morning when John showed his displeasure, which is extremely rare, as he is always lovely and pleasant, I was more than surprised, and immediately scanned within myself to see what exactly was causing his foulness.

The course that I am taking does not teach about collective reality, which has certain rules that are not found in personal reality, but I find that learning about the latter indirectly helps me to understand certain characteristics about the former.  And I am not following the instructions of the teacher to the T.  Rather, I follow some of her instructions and prescriptions, then intuitively alter the rest to suit my particular circumstances.  Because I always have trouble following instructions.

I told my friend Andy that I had joined a group chat with some of the other students from this course, and he said, after reviewing some of my course materials, “Don’t pay too much attention to what others say.”

What he meant was, to have an independence of mind, to be able to think freely, to not lose my individuality to an authority or to others, etc.  And I realized, I have always been doing what he advised.  The teacher’s materials are enlightening and helpful, but I always end up doing things my own way, and in the process, I have synthesized the knowledge into my consciousness to heal, to grow, to create something new out of it. 

I think the acquisition process is somewhat akin to our body’s absorption of nutrients, in the sense that it has the intelligence to absorb whatever it lacks, to maintain its bodily equilibrium, and from that point, to create the life we desire.

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