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In the cosmic scan course that I’m taking, there’s a small complementary sub-course that helps students to come back to a place of stillness and balance.  In that sub-course, I learned that the different guided meditations out there have different quality and effects.  Some make you swing a lot between the left and the right (the lack and the desire), rather than directing you straight toward the center.  So I learned to recalibrate my perception to feel the force and counterforce in other people’s words.  In truth, that swinging between the two sides exists almost in everything and everywhere, but what I am striving to achieve is the perception and awareness of that swing, the quality of the force causing the swing, and to maintain my internal stillness despite the swing in my external environment.

I am learning that the spiritual height of the teacher is very important if I were to listen to a guided meditation, because the interior wellbeing of the teacher gets transferred via her instruction to the students.  So the best that the students can achieve is the quality of wellbeing of the teacher, but that should not be the aim or destination of any meditation; rather, the aim should be to return to the core essence of that student.  Even the ones that guide the students to return to themselves, to feel their interior landscape can be problematic, because the choice of words can contain a lot of noise and instability, and I want to say, the quality of the voice itself can be problematic too, as some voice contains a lot of intrinsic strain, tension, effort, emotions, imbalance, etc.

The Taiwanese teacher of this course has started her healing journey about three decades ago.  Even until now, she scans and clears herself every day.  With each clearing, the internal or extra sensory perception is sharpened, hence she’s able to sense the different seeds of consciousness in the plasma state pulsating inside the DNA molecules.  Not only that, she’s able to discern the subtle differences between one type of seed from another.  For example, different people have different senses of lack, so what’s the difference, how does each type of lack multiply and become something quite different, etc.?

I have been listening to her scanning course many times in the past week, and each time I perceive a little bit deeper and broader, in my experiences, my relationships, my body, my thoughts, my emotions, etc.  I am not sure if I am doing it right or not, because her method is to go directly to the plasma state, to detect the seeds that need balancing, without traversing too much into the gaseous state, and much less to the liquid state (the seeds that have become chemical substances and are circulating within the blood, cerebrospinal fluids, lymphatic fluid, etc.), and even less so to solid state as muscles or organs or our external events.  I don’t know which level my awareness is sitting at, so I am not sure what level I am perceiving. 

Perception is required to scan, and scanning at the plasma state is required to determine and identify the ingredients at our origination point—atoms and molecules vibrating inside our body.  The moment we perceive those ingredients, we are already balancing and healing them, hence returning to a state of stillness and balance, which allows us to better connect to our core essence, our inner self, our higher self, the cosmos, and all the nourishments in the cosmos.  So from that place, whatever we do, we do it with love and joy and zest.  Then whatever comes back to us can only be more love and joy and zest.

That’s healing the energy feedback loop.

But I’m not too sure about my position in my healing.  I perceive energy—the quality of different energies.  I sense direction, density, texture, speed, strength, magnitude, etc.  But sensing the message and meaning of those energies is not something that comes naturally to me.  So as part of my healing, I am acquiring this ability.

I don’t even know if plasma state is the same level as etheric level.  The internet says ether is an element, not a level nor state.  Okay, that makes sense.  It is an element that permeates all states and levels.  So I still don’t know whether I have reached the plasma state or not.

No matter.  It will come with time.  I should not force it to happen.

One thing about my healing is that I notice a lot of doing, trying, trying to achieve a certain result or effect, hence a lot of force is added into my healing activities, which means a lot of counterforce is generated to keep me in a perpetual state of healing.

Luckily, with this course, I am learning to notice and perceive the force that is being applied to each activity, including the force and its meaning in writing this article.  Primarily, I am writing to question, to understand, to explore, to learn.

One of the many things that the Taiwanese teacher said was that when we perceive something, we don’t need to write it down, but it’s okay if we want to.  Writing down our perceptions means that more force is added to the process.  The first time I heard this sentence, I didn’t quite catch the underlying energetics, so intellectually I attached a big question mark to it.  After some time, I sensed the force that accompanied the writing, and I gained a deeper understanding of what she meant by “putting something in the physical plane requires force.”  You cannot effect something tangible without applying force, because planet Earth is designed to operate between force and counterforce, between sun and moon, between feminine and masculine, etc.

I find that I am both learning the concepts as well as tuning into the finer energetics.  I do not know where this will take me, though I know where I want to go.  Let the wind blow the sailboat …

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