I’m Starting A Course!

Last week, I posted two articles on doing, on Feb 18 and Feb 20 (my time, which is eight hours behind the time stamp on this website).  Every time I write an article on healing, I would simultaneously go through some healing.  So during and after writing these two articles, I came to a more subtle and nuanced understanding about the topic. 

Then suddenly I had the urge to join an online course by the same Taiwanese spiritual healer whom I learned about doing.  But because of my hesitancy, plus other reasons, it took me a few days to actually figure out how to pay for the course.  Eventually, I did in the evening of Feb 22.

The course started on Feb 19 in Taiwan.  There were about 180 students in all, both online (from different geographic regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada, etc.) and offline (in person attendance). 

I estimate the course to be six to eight hours, but because I accessed the course online after the fact, the edited videos were trimmed, so it’s about six hours.  I haven’t figured out exactly how many days this course consists of, since my preferred language is not Chinese so I don’t really read through the course introduction, but I think there should be at least nine days.

I also am a bit hazy as to what this course is about, because the material is way beyond me.  However, I roughly gather that it is a scan of cosmic energies, following the neuro transmitting substances that flow from the brain to the nervous system to different parts of the body and then out to our material world to manufacture different events, relationships, objects, etc.  In other words, the healer takes us through the flow of certain energies, from our origination point in life which is our natal chart at the plasma state, then to the physical state where the chromosome and DNA reside, through all three states of matter within our body, and from there flow outward to manifest into different areas of our lives.

In the first day of the course, the healer scanned a lot of vibrations relating to doing (instead of being), and predominantly in the brain, following the flow of the associated neuro transmitting substances within our body through the various parts of the brain such as the midbrain, hippocampus, amygdala, pituitary gland, corpus callosum, cerebral cortex, thalamus, encephalon, medulla oblongata, brain stem, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluids, central nervous system, limbic system, etc., to the rest of the body such as the musculoskeletal system, the internal organs, the limbs, etc., and then project outward into our physical environment to resonate with and to attract objects, people, and situations with similar or identical vibrational frequencies.

While taking notes from the fourth hour of the lecture, I came to realize why in the last quarter of 2021 I suddenly took the online course Medical Neuroscience.  I thought I was just doing it for fun, since it was a very random decision, and it was only about three quarters of the way through did I realize I picked the hardest online neurology course available.  But now that I am taking this cosmic scan course, I fully understand and appreciate why I took that neuroscience course, and why it had to be that particular one, because it was a prerequisite to set me up for this course which I am also suddenly drawn to and register after the first day has already started.  There is always a larger force at work behind the scene that is beyond our conscious awareness and understanding.  When I become aware of that larger force, I am awed, amused, and grateful.

Here’s a glimpse of the lecture, when she scanned the second part, first layer, second segment (summarized, and presumably with a loss in translation):

When the intensity of the neuro transmitting substances is very strong, they will be accompanied by a right-brain image and imagination.  These negative mental images and imagination are often so overpowering that they crush and drown the self, leaving the person in fear, distrust, self-doubt, worry, etc.

Before the healer started teaching this course, she had cleared herself many times.  And in designing this course, she put her intention into it.  All students who have similar intention will be drawn to this course.  The intention is to return to core essence or self, and to connect with the essence of the universe.  Her intention was set at a very deep level, so it was very strong.  When I listened to her lecture, I could feel myself drawn quite deep in.

This kind of healing can have all kinds of side effects, either bodily discomforts or external events and problems.  Before I actually started listening to the course, my external event had already manifested, in two octaves; the first octave from the night of Feb 21 to the afternoon of Feb 23, and the second octave around noon of Feb 24. 

Now stepping back to look at the whole situation, I can appreciate why I was suddenly drawn toward her older lectures, and why I ended up writing two articles on the topic of doing.  I think, at the soul level, I was preparing myself to enter this course.  Even though I started the course late, my energy was nonetheless invested into the first day of the cosmic scan which took place in a pool of energies from 180 students.  Collectively, we all had similar vibrations.  The effect of that scan had made itself more or less apparent in these few days of my life.  My friends commented that the two octaves of my event were strange.  Yes, if you only look at the physical level, but I am viewing it at the soul level, and from that level, they make sense and are necessary to help me do my scan.

At the end of the lecture, she prescribed a few physical movements for the students to connect body and mind, to bring them back to their essence, in case they encounter any side effects.  Alternatively, we can use our own tools and techniques to address any issues that arise.

I have listened to the lecture countless of times thus far.  You can do the scan every day, or as often as you wish, because these substances are vibrating, secreting, and circulating within and throughout the body all the time, requiring a couple years to thoroughly release and transform.  Transform means observe and understand the way your life evolves, from the origination point of your life all the way until now.

I am excited and amused at this course, and at everything in and around me that is shifting as I proceed with the course.

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