What is Emotional Healing?

While listening to an old lecture by a Taiwanese spiritual healer, I came across an interesting answer to a seemingly simple question.  The question was how to heal an emotional wound.

After doing a bit of scanning in the ether, for the most easily comprehensible answer, the healer said, “Understanding.  To understand how the emotions came about, how the situations and the dynamics of the people involved created the wound, how you contributed to your role in the trauma and your wound, etc.  Just understand the whole situation, the big picture, the lesson behind it.  There’s no need for action nor inaction.  There’s no desire nor rejection.  There’s no yes nor no.  There’s no lack nor abundance.  There’s only a very pure understanding of the situation.  Just observe the entirety of the experience, the whole dynamic, without having an urge to do anything, to want anything, without letting the situation move you.  You just stay in it.  From there, you come to an even deeper understanding, as you drop from the physical plane where the event took place to the nonphysical plane where the energetics of the event originated.  That’s how you balance and release emotions.”

. . .

I will use a more timely example to demonstrate this.  There has been lots of news in mainstream media about the Freedom Convoy lately—some negative, some neutral, very few positive.  My friend who used to be a trucker was exhilarated about the protest.  My Russian neighbor called the protesters terrorists.  I didn’t say anything.  I don’t really have an opinion on the matter.  I see everyone’s reactions and perspectives.  I see the news swaying people left and right, while I stay in my neutral zone.  I don’t agree nor disagree.  But I do feel the emotions of those involved.  It’s like their emotions are coursing through my veins.  And I see Trudeau’s reactions.  I see the whole energetic stalemate.  The oppressed needs to be expressed.  The unheard needs to be heard.  The unacknowledged needs to be acknowledged.  This is a balancing act.  It is also a release.

As the protests intensified, it dragged me into it emotionally. I started to swing. So I stuck my own thought into the ether. I thought it was just a nudge, but judging by the latest government response (invoking the Emergencies Act), I think I did more than just a nudge.

Now there’s more noise than before. That’s why the Taiwanese healer said no action nor inaction, as either would just make things worse. The pendulum is swinging wider and wider when the target is to come back to the middle, a place of balance.

Now I refrain from sticking my nose into the matter. From my vantage point, it looks like the different parties all rush in to collide with the parked trucks, like some kind of major cosmic collision. Almost everyone is getting sucked into it. And I cannot stop that pendulum swing in the ether, because my emotions are swaying in my own energy field as I watch this collision. So instead of holding that large pendulum out there, I first need to hold my own pendulum from swinging. That means healing my own emotions first.

. . .

A second example.  A situation that I am struggling to heal is manifesting itself as the closure of my condo gym.  After premier Kenney lifted the passport restriction, the gym did reopen, but only partially.  The games room is still closed.  And I do not want it to be reopened, yet.  Here is my resistance. 

I was quite attached to the games room last summer, was sad that it was closed in the fall, and was realizing my relationship issue linked to it this winter.  By not having it reopened, I don’t have to heal my emotional wound highlighted by the relationship, and I don’t have to see or avoid seeing the person who may go to the games room.

I have been sitting with this fact for many days (since Kenney announced the immediate removal of the passport program).  And then I realize, Kenney would soon lift all restrictions, meaning that the games room would soon reopen, which means I would have to allow free flow of emotions and social interactions, otherwise it would be ridiculously awkward if either of us were to show restraint while the rest of the world was free.

So that signaled me to start addressing my problem head-on.  No more avoidance.  The resistance is an avoidance of something painful.

I look at the layers of emotions, imprints, coping patterns, negative beliefs, etc. By just looking and understanding, the layers peel off relatively quickly. Then I come to a place where I understand a seemingly separate situation with a relative stranger previously.  When I combine the two separate dynamics, I see a bigger picture of my wounds and needs, and I understand why my life has come to be what it is.

. . .

In the above two scenarios, acceptance alone is not enough.  Seeing and understanding the entire picture—the multitude of people and things that were dragged in to manufacture the entire experience like the individual pieces making up a chess game—understanding the group dynamic and group constellation, knowing that if we move any one piece on the chess board, the entire game could change dramatically, potentially leading to a checkmate. 

In healing, we don’t need to solve or fix anything.  We don’t need to do anything.  We just need to collapse the energetics behind the physical manifestation.  By understanding the mechanics and operations of the energies involved, we illuminate the picture with our conscious awareness.  Where our attention goes, our energy goes.  That energy will collapse the entire construction.  That’s what Rumi meant when he said „the wound is the place where the light enters.“

This is emotional healing. It’s the return to a state of equilibrium and free flow.

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