Mass Reality vs Personal Reality

“You don’t have a right to put others at risk.”

I saw this sentence in an article that advocates the continuation of vaccine mandate and vaccine passport.  My first reaction was a long and heavy sigh!

Sigh …

I have been seeing this type of mentality, assumption, biases, etc., for a long time.  In the past, I just brushed them off.  Right now, they are starting to be in my way, and I am not sure what to do.  I understand where those mentality and assumptions and biases are coming from, but they are conflicting the psychological ingredients that I use to create my own reality.  Below are some of the conflicts.

First, the virus itself is not an enemy.  It’s not a bad thing.  If we stop assuming that it is, and stop seeing it as something that we need to conquer, we are one step closer to reclaiming ourselves from a victimhood mentality.  We will be more able to co-exist with it harmoniously.  There may or may not be discomfort if it enters our body, but there is a list of factors that ultimately affects comfort level.  Basically, it’s our attitude, fears, animosity, distrust, hatred, etc., towards it that collectively determines the comfort level.  Hence, that comfort level can be internally adjusted within us.

Second, you cannot die unless you choose to die; you cannot catch the virus unless you choose to catch the virus.  This is decided at the soul level.   Those who died from the virus, their soul had chosen to use this as an exit route.  If this exit was not available, they would still die, but from another exit. 

Third, I’ve mentioned in a previous post about using belief system to welcome or reject the virus.  Our belief is essentially our soul’s direction (steering wheel) for our human existence.  The soul effects the human body through thoughts such as beliefs, and these beliefs determine our gene expression.  To avoid the virus, you can just align your belief to “I won’t get the virus,” and your genes will arrange themselves accordingly.  Belief is different from positive affirmation, which has to be phrased in the positive.  Belief is a certain unit of consciousness (CU) with a certain vibrational frequency and you can tune it every which way, positive or negative.

Fourth, also mentioned in my previous post, the vaccine is a psychological tool to instill a sense of safety, certainty, assurance, security, trust, etc., all the positive qualities we need in order to live a peaceful life.  But because those qualities are coming from an external source instead of an internal source, it does not address the root cause within us.  So while it does work at the beginning, its effectiveness erodes over time as we continually receive negative news from the media about the pandemic, which serves to reinforce and trigger our inner negative state that was never addressed in the first place.  So when our negativity builds up again, it erodes the sense of positivity that was previously instilled in us.

Fifth, the hygiene measures such as washing hands and sanitizing whatever you want to sanitize, that is the equivalent of blessing your surface with cleanliness each time you perform the ritual.  When you physically carry out the action, you are mentally projecting the belief that it is clean and therefore safe (you have to be fully present while you do that otherwise the effect will be reduced, so if you are absentmindedly sanitizing the table, it may not kill a stubborn virus, if there is one there).  Unless you physically do it while mentally doubting that it is clean, then it won’t actually reduce virus contact.  But my point is, you could easily have blessed yourself from head to toe with your mental thought a million times a day if you like, and it will have just the same effect as going through the physical motion.

Sixth, vaccination doesn’t prevent transmission.  Why?  Because the vaccine only gives a psychological assurance or safety that the individual won’t get infected.  It doesn’t close the door of the individual to the virus.  So their door is still open, the virus can still come in, and leave, hence transmissibility.  If you want to prevent transmissibility, you need to intend or believe that you will never be a host to the virus, that you will never get the virus, that it will never be a part of your life.  And this is exactly the belief that I mentioned in my previous post.  Alternatively, you can negotiate and set boundaries with the virus.  Energetically speaking, boundaries are not synonymous with beliefs.  Boundaries only define what can come into your bubble.  It does not define what’s inside your boundary; that’s what affirmations and beliefs do.  So because my belief is that I won’t get the virus, I don’t need the virus, I don’t welcome the virus, hence, it does not resonate with me, which means I cannot attract it into my life.  And if it doesn’t come in, it doesn’t go out.  Hence, zero transmissibility. 

Seventh, at the rate that the pandemic is going, if we don’t put a stop to it, meaning, stopping our emotions and thoughts (which are based on a lack of understanding of the proper workings of the universe and a lack of appreciation for viruses), it will go on to infinity, which explains the potential prospect of it turning into an endemic.  This is why I sighed when I read that sentence at the top of this article.  It is based on the assumptions that we can prevent infection by taking all those public health measures.  We cannot.  Because the assumptions are not a reflection of how the cosmos and the virus operate, and our preventative measures are a reinforcement of the exact thing we are trying to avoid.

As you can see, if I just stop the vaccine passport program, it will create ripples in the pool. But I don’t think I should change how everyone else is contributing to the collective drama, or should I? And could I?

How else am I going to deal with the noise that are in the way of me living a life without the pandemic, without the vaccine, without the restrictions?

Mass reality and personal reality are connected.  Collective consciousness and individual consciousness are connected.  Collective psyche and individual psyche are connected.

I don’t have an opinion on how others wish to create and experience their realities, whether they want to be restricted and mandated, whether they want to co-exist with the virus in the form of an endemic, etc. If they feel comfortable with all the fears, worries, hygiene measures, yo-yo’ing of policy makers as they go back and forth on their polices, etc., they can continue with what they believe, and collectively manufacture it for everyone else to savor. But I honestly want to exit this global drama, right now!

I’m done with this!

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