We Shape Our Future

Lately, I have been watching the trend of the pandemic.  Curious.  I am wondering if it will develop in the direction that I want.

Interestingly, the more I follow the trend, the more I find that it is not going in one direction, but everywhere and nowhere.  It’s a very unsmoothed trajectory.  Whatever is operating in the background (in the ether) is rather frazzled, disorganized, random, distraught, etc., like ten chefs working in the kitchen, but really, they were mostly yelling and fighting about how to make a pot of soup, and the result was nothing less than a disaster.  Today, while I was yet again curious about its progress, almost like a day trader watching the graph of a stock price, I found a news article that somewhat aligned with my thoughts yesterday.

The news was about a new variant discovered in France.  A day before seeing that news, I was thinking about a new variant, something superseding Omicron.  My mind was moving toward the future of the pandemic, trying to trace the progress of this virus, trying to see how the next variant will be like, etc. 

At the onset of the pandemic, I was also picking up some information prior to them making the news.  At the time I didn’t think much about it, since I am used to precognition, premonition, and the like in my life.  However, I never really picked up information from the news before, rather, I tend to pick up information from my surroundings that personally affects me.  So this pandemic has showed me that my antennae do not have a limit in their range of perception, only a limit in whether the information is relevant to me or not. And this knowledge is useful to me in the sense that if I can receive, then it also means that I can post, consciously, to that same pool. It’s a two-way connection.

I am interested in the future trajectory of this pandemic, more specifically, in how it will affect me in the future.  The reason for my curiosity is that this pandemic seems to be shaping my future right now, and I don’t like the fact that something external to me is dictating my future. Despite the belief that we are the product of our circumstances, I still wish to exert my free will and power over my own reality and future as much as possible.

My curiosity exists mainly on two levels:  1) How it will pan out?  2) How will the proof of vaccination requirement pan out? 

The first question affects me in the sense that if this is going to be the new era for humanity, that the virus is really meant to be a part of our body’s memory, then I will have to revisit my belief not to be infected (nor inoculated), because then the question is not a health issue but an evolutionary issue.  If the larger forces at work behind the scene are pushing for an alteration to the human body, what will happen if I don’t participate?  If I choose not to follow the crowd, will I still be able to achieve all my goals in this lifetime?  Or will I end up being disenfranchised?

The second question affects me in the sense that if this requirement is not retracted, then I will have to revisit my projection.  Initially, I thought I only had to project my thoughts once.  It did reduce the restrictiveness (in my geographical region which is my initial scope), but then after that things started to accelerate in the wrong direction again.  I contemplated on that trajectory.  It’s a totally different ball game than my own personal healing!  In my healing, once I shift, then that layer is off, and I move on to the underlying layer that is now exposed, and shift again.  In other words, the progress is layered and pyramidal.  But with the group consciousness, the shift does not feel layered.  Rather, it feels more like a very scattered cloud of smoke.  More volatile and unpredictable, as the other human souls can project their thoughts and emotions any time, in any direction, like the ten chefs in the kitchen.  I’m not sure if there’s a traffic controller anywhere.

I am trying to survey the kitchen—the space in which the human souls come together to act out this global drama.  I want to size up the scope before I butt in and take a prominent seat in this drama.  Some chefs seem to be holding a knife as they yell and do nothing constructive. How do I navigate in this environment? What is my objective?  What role do I want to play?

To be honest, I am only interested in nullifying the proof of vaccination requirement.  Everything else can go on, the human souls can exert their free will to their hearts‘ content.  I am silent.  My position is neutral.  I am only effecting what is relevant to me.

The pandemic is a global drama that all human souls participate in acting out.  Everyone, including myself, invests our thoughts and emotions into this drama, and when the emotional intensity (or interest level) in this drama accumulates to a certain level, it bursts through the threshold to take on a physical form and become a physical event in physical reality.  When we react to that event, we stick more of our thoughts and emotions into this drama, hence perpetuating it instead of ending it.

I know we all say that we want this to end.  But truthfully, if we do, we would not be making any noise, any drama, any policy, etc.  We would live as if there is no such thing.  I know it is difficult not to take any action or have any reaction, but it is necessaryA reaction is not an end to the originating action, but a continuation, much like a pendulum.  You want the pendulum to stop swinging, you leave it alone.  Eventually, it will stop, without you exerting any effort at all.

So at a deeper level, the human souls want this drama.  That is the only way that it can ever exist, not to mention that it is actually persisting instead of just passively existing.  We don’t simply want it, we want it really badly! Unconsciously.

I am still exploring and experimenting on how to navigate around this kitchen.  I think one of the easier steps that may help in exiting this drama is to thank it, for whatever value and lesson it has offered.  Thank the experience and blow it away from your reality.

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