Car Car’s Surgery

The guy upstairs was taking his morning shower in his home when I was in my car, taking apart my dashboard.  He said he would come down to help me after he was done.  But I didn’t want to wait, so I went ahead and did whatever I could.

It turned out that I did most of it, with the exception of one part.  The top left corner of the dashboard didn’t want to come off, and I was afraid I might use too much force and then something that was not supposed to snap snapped.  So I said his name, to and through the ether, “Help me!”

He took longer than expected to get here.  So I googled some videos for help.  No use.  I waited.

He showed up.  Sat in the driver’s seat.  I was in the passenger’s seat.

I told him the corner that was stuck, and he just yanked it off, like he had magic hands.  Then he proceeded to remove the stereo unit and unplug the wires.  It appeared as if he had done this a million times, simply by just looking at it once, and knew immediately what to do.

I was so relieved when he cleared my stuckness! My stuckness in exchange for his swiftness. Once I stop getting upset about why he isn’t what I think he should be, I start to see his value in my life.

I already knew that he was good with physical things back when we first met at the pool table.  When I saw his bridge hand on the pool table, what I saw was physical dexterity and aptitude, and his energy flow.  People who are good with their hands or good with doing physical and tangible things have their energy flow a certain way in and from their body.  But what I didn’t see at the pool table was the openness in his mental plane which helped him to instantly know how to do things.  An instant comprehension of how to manipulate physical things.  That’s what I saw in him today, and I thought, “Wow!  That’s impressive!”

Even after we put together the dashboard, he said the job was easy, no need to hire someone to do it.  The way he said it, it wasn’t arrogance; it’s his common sense, an innate ability.

This was a juxtaposition between him and John.  I told John twice about wanting to replace the stereo system, and both times he told me to hire someone to do it.  Now that I look at it, I come to understand, at a soul level, that it had to be the guy upstairs who should come to my assistance

The guy upstairs had to get to work, and asked to borrow my car, because he might be late if he took the bus.  I am not sure if he really would be late or not, because I don’t know his bus schedule, but I said I could drive him. 

Then I went into my condo suite to wash my hands and grabbed my driver’s license.  When I was coming out to my car again, I knew that he would insist on driving my car, and I was prepared to decline him no matter what.

As I approached the driver’s seat, he opened the door and told me he would drive.  I said, “No.”  He repeated himself, and I repeated myself. 

This went back and forth several times.  Each time I gave a resolute no.  There was no anger or other emotions.  It’s not a drama.  It’s like we’re just going through the motions.

But seeing this loop, this repetition that didn’t seem to have an exit, I was going to suggest, “A ride is what I am offering.  If you don’t want it, you can take the bus.”  But those weren’t the exact words that fell out of my mouth.  When I’m flustered, my lexical assembly malfunctions (this will be my future neurological project).

Nonetheless, he telepathically got my message, though linguistically I didn’t convey it.  I had noticed this communication style between us from very early on in our acquaintance. 

He surrendered and stepped out of the driver’s seat. 

In hindsight, I saw why I needed the precognition and mental preparation.  It was as if my soul was giving me instruction right before I stepped into the physical event.  Without that etheric coaching, I might not have stood so firmly, which would then just be a replay of my old pattern of being subservient and then sulking about it after.  Symbolically, this mini episode was an important memory I needed to neurologically step out of my old pattern.

After I drove him to work, I went to a neighborhood store to grab a new car stereo unit.  My speed of buying a big-ticket item is sometimes faster than buying a bunch of parsley.

Then I went home to install the new unit.  It took much longer than expected.  I operated like Paddington Bear.  But interestingly, I had the confidence and eagerness to take on the task.

Last time, when my ex-boyfriend did it, he was the one taking the lead, doing almost everything, including selecting the stereo unit and paying for it.  This time, the guy upstairs came to my assistance mostly as a symbolic gesture, looking at the event from a soul level, to tell me that I do have someone to lean on, that I no longer have to feel helpless.  But his soul comes into my life to engage differently with me—I don’t rely entirely on him, I take control of my life, and I have 100% freedom to direct my life how ever I wish, but if I am stuck or unsure or in any way need help, he will come in to support me.  After I physically underwent the reinstallation, this was the knowledge and assurance I felt.  Quite consoling.

An interesting thing to note was that during one part of the surgery, I had to cut and fuse the wires, which reminded me of my neurological healing with psilocybin.  A couple days ago, I repaired my electric range receptacle in my stove, which also required cutting and fusing some wires.  Similarly, I did it with eagerness and confidence.  I did it all by myself, and it went quite smoothly and quickly, which was an improvement from when I would psychologically shrink back from this type of repair. 

Thus far I only have two psilocybin trips, so it’s not a lot of neurological healing, but already, I could work on electrical repairs.  So my neurological healing is working.  Something related to electricity is being corrected inside my body, and this correction extends outward to my stove and my car, both of which mirror a certain aspect of my consciousness and wellbeing.

Have you ever questioned yourself the value, purpose, and meaning of an event? As I went through the motions of today’s event, I found that there were so much to anchor in. It’s psychologically and spiritually rich. Most importantly, it’s what I needed.

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