What You Doing?

Today is an unusual day!

I was doing my usual routine of playing ping pong alone while reading the consciousnesses and energies in my muscles.  Normally nobody walked into the room, or if anyone did, they would make a noise or somehow announced themselves.  However, today, I didn’t hear any noise, yet when I turned around, I saw John standing by the billiards table looking at me! He didn’t say anything.  He just looked at me.  And I looked back at him, also not saying anything, though was extremely surprised that he would be standing there, without a sound, as it was not his style at all!  His style was to say hi, quite loudly, as fitting his flamboyant nature.

So today, he was not his usual self.  That was a surprise to me, and I couldn’t help but wondered what happened to him.

In the span of a few brief seconds when we were staring quietly at each other, I went from pleasant surprise to ecstasy, eventually beaming at him though I still didn’t say a word. Then he started talking:  “Long time!”

Was he waiting for me to greet him?  It’s not like we don’t know each other …

His initial facial expression was not exactly a happy one, but more of a question mark, full of uncertainty, as if staring at someone he recognized but not sure if she was the person he thought she was.  Staring and seeking for confirmation perhaps. I think there were probably a million thoughts that flashed through his mind, in that moment, or perhaps since the last time we saw each other until that moment.

And I think my emotional reaction gave him the confirmation he was seeking.

My next surprise was when he said “Long time!”  The last time we saw each other was about ten days ago.  Did he miss me?  I was previously worried that he might be anticipating my call, which I never made, and I was not sure if I had been telepathically sensing his anticipation.  I don’t have much of a telepathic connection with him.  Hmm … maybe only 2% of the time.  I have, however, a stronger telepathic connection with another guy in our condo complex.

I am guessing that he was disappointed, perhaps upset or sad, although he didn’t say anything about that. The question mark that he had, he kept it to himself. And since he didn’t open up that question mark, I also didn’t say anything about it.

Instead, I wanted to ask him if he came to play ten-ball, because I felt that he had been absent lately.  However, I couldn’t even get the right words assembled properly, so what ended up falling out of my mouth was:  “You’re here to play?”

Oh, what happened to me?  Lost my linguistic ability?  As well as losing the ability to rescue myself from the blunder?

He said, “I’m going to play billiards first.”  He thought I meant let’s play ping pong together. 

I just said, ”Okay,” even though that wasn’t at all what I was asking.

So we were each doing our thing, him playing pool, me playing table tennis, in the same room.  I don’t remember us talking.  Instead, every time my ping pong flew over to him, he would stop playing and pick up the ball for me.  Normally, I don’t pick up the ping pong ball for others when I’m playing billiards—I do my thing and they do their thing.  I think John is more considerate than me.  But I didn’t thank him when he threw me the ball; I only smiled (to myself, and not to him).

That was our interaction for a while.

Then I decided to stop playing ping pong, went to another room to grab a chair, came back and sat next to the billiards table to watch him play.

Sometimes we would do that.  I would sit and watch him play billiards on his own, or he would pull up a chair and sit beside me while I play ping pong on my own.  It’s a kind of silent companionship that I don’t normally share with a lot of people.

When he saw me sit watching him, he seemed a bit surprised, as if it was unexpected, and then he opened up and talked to me.  I could see that he was psychologically connecting to me because his performance was really off.  I know his skill level.  He can be quite good, especially when he’s alone, uninterrupted and focused.  In a way, billiards can be used for meditation, to tune inward, to connect within. 

I don’t like using billiards as a socialization activity, because it really affects one’s performance when we are playing and talking.  But he chose to talk to me instead of play.  I would have been fine just watching him silently.

After a while, he invited me to join him.  So we played one game together.  Then he had to leave.  So I played one game alone and then left too.

I thought that would have been the end of my surprise for today, but while I was cooking at home, he phoned.  What a surprise!  Nowadays we don’t phone friends, we only text message them unless there’s an emergency.

So I answered his call.  He asked me where I was.  I said I was at home.  He said he was outside.  I was thinking, outside where?  My condo suite?  Which door?  Front door or balcony door? 

I went to the balcony.  I didn’t see him standing anywhere close by.  He said he was in his car.  I only knew that he drove an SUV, but it turned out that he had two cars.  He asked me if he could park there, and I said yes.  Then he got out of his sedan and came to my balcony.  I had absolutely no idea what was happening. 

He asked me what I was doing.  I said nothing.  Then he said, “I got nothing to do.”

My eyes nearly popped out, thinking, ‘is this the first time in your life that you got nothing to do?’  Because this was the first time you phoned me and came over to my balcony unannounced.  I didn’t mind his company, but I was stumped, because I wouldn’t be able to solve his problem.  Now that I looked back, I wasn’t sure if it was an invitation to go do something, but at that moment, I couldn’t say, “Okay, let’s go on a date,” because I don’t have a vaccination passport!

I looked up at the blue sky above us, searching for an appropriate response.

Then he sat down on my balcony and had a smoke.  Then he asked for coffee.  We chatted, and eventually went out together. Everything happened on the spur of the moment such that I didn’t even have my wallet nor cash with me when we were out.

It’s a very strange, funny, surprising, and happy day!

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