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“More blood means more thinking,” my acupuncturist said as I told her that I could feel blood oozing out of my EX-HN 3 acupoint after she plucked the needle off it.

Then she added, “More thinking means more heat.”  Excess internal heat bleeds out as a form of release.

I know that I was over-thinking. In fact, in the last two days, I noticed myself thinking quite a bit, and also needing background music which is always an indication that my emotional plane was stirred up.  But I refrained from playing music, because that would stir up even more crap out of me, and I was hoping that I could regain my prior sense of rare serenity.

When I booked my acupuncturist, she also suggested that I did therapeutic massage, after the acupuncture.  But because I was late, I started with the masseuse Chantal first.

One thing I learned about these different healing techniques is that you need to be quite aware, sober, lucid, alert when you are receiving the treatment, to maximize the therapeutic benefits.  Although I had been to many such treatments over the years, I only discovered this recently.  In fact, it was after I learned to tune in to the activities in my neurological network while playing ping pong.  Simply put, physical shift alone cannot effect permanent or root level change, only shift of consciousness can, and putting more awareness on the consciousnesses of illness means using more power to shift out of it.

While receiving acupuncture or massage, the treatment would stir up things in my body.  Things like emotions, coping mechanisms, beliefs, imprints, etc., whatever is inside an electromagnetic field that holds trauma. 

In the past when I didn’t know about this, I found that none of those treatments had any real or long-term effects.  At best, they did nothing.  At worst, they did something, but not conducive to health.

Then I spent a lot of time searching and exploring different healing modalities and healers.  Then I walked away from every one of them.

Now I am going back to acupuncture, after I cleared all or almost all the blocks to receiving the full benefits of acupuncture.  When my acupuncturist suggested therapeutic massage for me, I had no idea how it could help me.  But because prior to seeing my acupuncturist, I had asked the universe to guide me in my physical healing through her or the session, so whatever advice or idea that came through her, I just allowed and accepted it.

Chantal asked me what I wanted her to do for me.  I almost wanted to say I didn’t know, because I completely surrendered myself to the universe, so it’s almost like I should be asking her the question instead.  However, in physicality, we need to make minimal physical contact with our ego, our thinking mind.  So I just quickly thought up some old muscular complaints that I almost gave up on finding a cure for.  Using that as an entry point, Chantal eventually figured her way out as to what she should work on on my body.

The first half of the massage session was with my face down, and I didn’t talk.  Instead, I tried to read the consciousnesses in the muscles.  Hard to read, because my mind had been wildly active these two days.  Nonetheless, I managed to place some awareness on the muscles while Chantal’s hands were triggering a few electromagnetic fields in me. 

You know how you watch a video and press pause, then that frame freezes?  A lot of my electromagnetic fields had that effect, freezing and locking me down.  So when Chantal activated these fields in me, even my awareness got frozen, otherwise I dissociated.  But over the years, one of the lessons I learned was to regain my personal power.  With more and more power, I could wrestle my awareness out of that frozenness, with greater speed and ease.

I don’t know how other professional healers heal traumas, but I find that it’s a very contradictory and conflicting exercise, to dive my awareness into the fields and not be locked down even though the fields themselves are in FREEZE mode, and to have 100% control over my awareness to navigate freely and read what’s inside the fields.  That’s worse than being a photojournalist in a battlefield, because in my case, I need to shut down the battle too.

So when I had enough mental clarity to perceive those freeze fields, I peeled them off.  But gaining the clarity took a bit of effort, because my mind was not calm enough.

Aside from those freeze fields, Chantal also highlighted other things for my perception.  Whatever I could heal, I healed.

Then when she turned me around to face upward, she started chatting with me.  Then I could not tune inward, because talking to someone basically claimed all my awareness.  And we accidentally or coincidentally got to the topic that got my mind overthinking—my sudden and missed encounters with the guy I am interested in—so we talked even more and enthusiastically so because she recently started dating after not dating for a decade, and that conversation totally hijacked my awareness.

So later, the acupuncture on my EX-HN 3 acupoint revealed my excessive thinking, and the cupping that the acupuncturist did on my back resulted in very dark red marks, which I suspect was the maximized result of massage as I managed to place my awareness there when Chantal worked on it.

I had requested the universe to optimize my treatment sessions, so I think having the massage first was better, as the following cupping helped to bring the toxins out.

The way I do healing, I am going at it blind most of the time. In this journey, there are a lot of opportunities to learn about myself and the universe, and to grow and flourish.

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