What did I do

Looking at my body… what I have never shared (and what you can’t see in this picture) is what is going on in my mind.

To be honest, it has taken me many, many years to love my body for my most precious asset it is! 

It was a looong journey full of eating disorders, starving myself, overeating, feeling guilty after eating, beating myself up mentally, etc… to get to the place where I am now, where I feel love and admiration for this incredibly powerful body that allows me to experience this beautiful life! It took decades to “master my mean girl“.

Tip: read that book by the wonderful @melissaambrosini ❤️

I got obsessed with my weight when I was a teenager as that was the only “thing” I could control in my life. My parents got divorced… what did I do? I dieted to prove a performance. My first relationship ended… what did I do? I dieted to prove my self-worth. I felt so insecure… what did I do? I dieted in an attempt to feel better getting a “bikini” body. Well, I have learned my lesson… no matter how “skinny” or “big” I was, no size made me happy! Happiness comes from within. From a place of love and gratefulness. This has been the biggest shift for me… to love my body, appreciate it for surviving every single day, and for being my most precious asset.

As a result, I only WANT the very best for my body – whether it is enjoying food, working out, relaxing! ❤️ I am sharing my story for every beautiful person out there, who also might struggle at the moment to love their amazing body. I wish I had known earlier about how to take care of it rather than beating it up when I was not the size I wanted to be! This is why I am sooo passionate about sharing my knowledge about living a lifestyle that makes you feel good – no extremes, no dieting, no feelings of guilt!! I truly wish everyone to feel good in their “costume”, their body, through which they get to experience this life and to have the energy to fullfil all of their dreams!! 😃

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