From my heart …

Oh my God -the video interview Sabine made with me last year for the Sugar Awareness week is now publicly available!

When I look back, this video seems really embarrasing to me -no, it is! I keep on looking at Sabine and then into the camera …. ahhhh.  I think we have to do a new one ….

Being critical of myself in this way is somehow behind me now. Happy to say this, of course.

Speaking from my heart was what I went out to achieve supporting Sabine in her mission. I managed to do that. Sabine is so dedicated to spread the knowledge she has to as many people as possible to help them make the right decisions for their bodies. Supporting people like her is part of everyone`s mission on this world, I believe.

Step by Step towards Health is her motto and she certainly played a major role in helping me do that. In the video I explain a little bit about my experience reducing obvious sugar and then hidden sugar.

I hope that it is a motivation for others to embark on that journey as well.

It is a journey that does not have a destination you reach, it needs a daily effort from you, but … the good things in life need that.

THANK YOU for being the Sabine you are!




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