Mein Japan

I lived in Japan for many years. Japan has become part of me. When I meet someone who has visited Japan, I am always curious as to what the impression was.

Interview with Nicole Mühlemann, Shen Dao practice

It was nice. Now I’m back again.

That is an acceptable answer to my question.

For many people.

I want to know more.

What have you seen?
What situations do you remember?
What feelings have accompanied you?

I want to hear about the experiences that make the pictures come back.

My Japan

I had a wonderful experience right on the way to the hotel. When I arrived I made my way to my accommodation. The huge train and subway system in Tokyo was in front of me, and I wasn’t sure whether the subway I was taking would actually take me to the station I wanted. 

I saw a young Japanese woman and decided to ask her for help. She wasn’t sure either and we got off the train together. She asked the ward master (there is someone like that in every ward in Japan). The confirmed. We could get on the same train again. I was so amazed that someone took the time to go astray and help another completely unknown person. A rarity that personally welcomed me to Japan.

I smile and nod. This is also my Japan. I also remember such a similar situation. That is very nice.

I hope that the way to Nicole in Shen Dao practice will be found by many.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Shen Dao practice

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