You can not eat cheesecake :-(

If you love cheese cake like me, you are in pain right now.

Are you seeing this beautiful and yummy cake and the recipe below?

Puricious rawveganstrawberrycheesecake

I am so happy to be able to tell you, confirm you, sign a certificate to your significant other … that this cake is sugar-free and vegan.
Even better it does not have dairy (which I should not eat) nor additives like in most conventional cheesecakes.

This recipe is for you,
… the only reservation: if you are allergic to nuts!

Sabine from Puricious was so nice to allow us to share it with you. A massive thank you!!!

Here is what she writes:

The feedback from my health nut community is that if you try this vegan cheesecake, chances are that you will never want the original recipe again!
The phenomenal taste was confirmed to me over and over.

This recipe is a slightly adapted version from Rens Kroes her book “Power Food”. All credits go to her for inventing such a delicious and healthier alternative for this yum treat!

More benefits than just its delicious taste:

  • It is made of real whole foods: meaning it contains healthy fats and makes us feel satiated. You will notice that you will not be able to eat too much in 1 go!
  • It has no chemical additives nor other engineered ingredients, which affect our hormones.

… like this you do not have to scrap cheesecake from your diet.

Enough praise, here it is

Raw vegan strawberry cheesecake

What you need:

– 600 gr unsalted cashew nuts

– 300 gr unsalted almonds

– 200 gr pitted dates

– 100 gr organic virgin coconut oil

– 160 ml lime & lemon juice (approx. 2 limes + 1 lemon)

– 100 ml agave syrup

– 125 ml water

– Blender

– Cake tin (24 cm / 9 inch)

– Bowl to soak the cashew nuts in

How you make it:

  1. Soak the cashew nuts in water
  2. Base: mix the almonds with dates (until smooth) in a high power blender, then put the base in the cake tin until it is evenly spread.
  3. Filling: put the soaked cashew nuts in the blender, together with the coconut oil, lime/lemon juice, agave syrup, water until smooth. The consistency should be firm both smooth. Add mix on top of the base in the cake tin and spread evenly.
  4. Optional: add a topping, such as natural organic sugar-free strawberry marmalade.
  5. Leave the cheesecake in the fridge to get firm at least 1 night. We find that it tastes the best after 2-3 days!
    Optional: add fresh fruit when serving. 


Enjoy, en guete, bon appetit, eet smakelijk, buon appetito! 

When you try out this recipe, please let us know how it went and tag @Puricious_ so we can easily see the result!

Thanks a lot, we are looking forward to see your creation!  


For more health tips and recipies go to

Thanks to Puricious for offering courses
– you helped me change my eating habits

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